“The Proof is in the Roof”

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Do you have a bare bottom? …

Do you have a bare bottom? …

Window, that is.  …

To enhance the look of any bay or bow window, use Proof Roofs and Cones. 

Just like our Proof RoofsTM, our Proof Cones come fully Pre-assembled and ready to install, and can be made to fit any size window.  

Our Cones are available in over 31 Premium Kynar aluminum colors, as well as copper, and can be fabricated in the Islander, Empire and Liberty styles. 

These units are specifically manufactured to allow for water runoff, and can accommodate any height availability, and masonry application. 

Proof Cones are a fantastic tool for finishing off a bay or bow window, where there is no height availability for a roof above the window. 

When a window is completed with a Proof Roof above, and a Proof Cone below, the finished product is superb.