“The Proof is in the Roof”

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Welcome to Proof Industries

The Home of Preassembled Copper and Aluminum Roofs for Bay and Bow Windows

Our preassembled product line includes:

  • Bay Window Roofs
  • Bow Window Roofs
  • Door Canopies
  • Cupolas
  • Eyebrows
  • Louvers and much more

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Low profile straight panel.
8/12 roof pitch.

High profile straight panel.
12/12 - 14/12 roof pitch. 

High profile curved panel.
14/12 roof pitch.


All roof styles are available in copper and over 30 aluminum color finishes.

At Proof Roof, we supply bay and bow window roofs for all bay and bow windows including Andersen, Marvin and Pella brand windows.  Our bay and bow window roofs are available in copper and over 30 aluminum color finishes.  We carry the Islander style window roof in white for the most popular model numbers, including the Andersen C-44.

In addition to bay and bow window roofs, we manufacture other accessories including door canopies, cupolas, louvers, eyebrows and raised panel skirts.