“The Proof is in the Roof”

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Welcome to Proof Industries

The Home of Preassembled Copper and Aluminum Roofs for Bay and Bow Windows

Our preassembled product line includes:

  • Bay Window Roofs
  • Bow Window Roofs
  • Door Canopies
  • Cupolas
  • Eyebrows
  • Louvers and much more

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Low profile straight panel.
8/12 roof pitch.

High profile straight panel.
12/12 - 14/12 roof pitch. 

High profile curved panel.
14/12 roof pitch.


All roof styles are available in copper and over 30 aluminum color finishes.

At Proof Industries Inc., we design and fabricate bay and bow window roofs for all bay and bow windows including Andersen®, Marvin® and Pella® brand windows.  Our bay and bow window roofs are clad in 16oz. copper and over 20 aluminum Kynar 500® color finishes.  We carry the Islander style window roof in white for the most popular model numbers, including the Andersen® C-44 Bow.

In addition to bay and bow window roofs, we manufacture other accessories including door canopies, cupolas, louvers, eyebrows, chimney caps and recessed panel skirts for the bottom of bay and bow windows.

Prior to the founding of Proof Industries Inc. in 1989, I ran a successful home improvement company, primarily installing windows, many of them bay and bow windows.

The biggest problem I found when installing a bay or bow window was making a proper looking roof to go on top of the windows. I had a lot of talented carpenters working for me. But when it came to making a proper looking roof for a bay window, I never knew what it was going to look like, and hoped my customer would like it, this wasn’t always the case. When it came making a proper roof top for a 4, 5, or 6 lite bow window, none of my crew could rise to the occasion. I was the go-to guy when it came to making a proper looking window roof.

At the time our window suppliers and lumber yard offered a one-piece plastic roof for the bay and bow windows, they were available in white and Coppertone colors. They were fairly easy for my crews to install on top of the bay and bow windows. And they looked pretty good. The ONLY problem was they fit only a couple of size bay and bow windows and only for Andersen® bays and bows.

We tried to stay with stock size bay and bow windows and use these plastic polymer roofs as much as possible. I kept asking myself, why isn’t there a company out there that makes roof tops for all size bay and bow windows.

So, I became that company and launched Proof Industries in 1989. We have been producing and improving our product line for over 30 years. And pride our self in designing great looking roofs to fit our customer’s needs.  – Vincent Cacioppo

“The Proof is in The Roof”™