“The Proof is in the Roof”

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Window Roof Replacement

Do you have a cracked, leaky bow or bay window roof?

Unfortunately, you’re not alone, leaky bay or bow window roofs are becoming more common. The problem is that their life expectancy has run out!

Years ago, window suppliers and lumber yards offered a one-piece plastic roof for bay and bow windows. They were available in white and Coppertone colors.

They were fairly easy (for my crew) to install on top of the bay and bow windows. And they looked pretty good. The ONLY problem was they fit only a couple of size bay and bow windows and only for Andersen® bays and bows.

So, we tried to stay with stock size windows and use these plastic polymer roofs as much as possible. There are thousands of those plastic roofs installed on thousands of bay and bow windows around the country to this day.

What I have been noticing in the past few years and more recently, is that homeowners are calling us explaining they have a bay roof that’s cracking, and water is coming in. We ask them to send us some pictures, and it always ends up being those plastic polymer roofs over an Andersen® bay or bow.

Since the beginning, Proof Industries has always made roofs for all stock size Andersen® bays and bows, along with our extensive line of custom size units not only for Andersen®, but Marvin®, Pella® and many others as well.

If you are one of those homeowners in this situation, or have customers coming into your store with this complaint, give us a call. We would be happy to help and offer you a one piece, plywood framed, completely assembled bay or bow roof with great curb appeal. You have a choice of roof styles, clad in 16oz. copper or your choice of over 20 aluminum Kynar 500color finishes.

We have the replacement.  And  “The Proof is in The Roof”™