“The Proof is in the Roof”

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Finish Options

Finish Options

Proof Roofs™ and Proof™ door canopies are available in three different finish options:

Plywood                       Unfinished, ready to cover with roofing materials                   
Aluminum                   Available in over 30 KYNAR500® color finishes                    
Copper                         Bright copper                          
                                          (This material will go through a natural aging process as described below)
                                     Lead coated copper
                                     Patina (green or brown) which chemically accelerates the natural aging process

The Natural Aging Process of Copper:

As shipped, raw bright copper will have the look of a “new penny.”  There may be some variation in its color.
Gradually, copper will darken to shades of reddish brown as cuprous oxides form on the surface.
As cuprous oxide and copper sulfide begin to combine, the copper will darken to a bronze-black color. This is sometimes called a statuary finish.
This color will eventually change to a greenish-brown as the oxides and sulfides become sulfates. This is the first “patina” color.
Finally, the copper will become a green to bluish green which is almost pure copper sulfate. At this stage, the copper will be protected for many years. It is often called “verde antique.”
Depending on factors such as humidity and atmospheric pollution, this process can be completed in as little as 10 years, or it may take much longer.